Aeroplane Bag 旅行袋

Sara Lawson ( 又推出左新一款既袋.    好開心Sara 邀請我幫我試pattern.

需然我手頭仲有好多野要做, 但一眼見到這個袋就好喜歡.  這是一個好大好實用的旅行袋.   我太約用左大半日時間去做. 好容易.

袋頂成曲形, 好有現代感, 唔似其它類似四角的普通.  而內袋每邊有一個拉鏈.


Sara ( is releasing another bag pattern.  I am so glad to be invited to test it out.
Although I have so much on hand with all my other bag work, I couldn’t resist and have to give it a go.

This is a very useful travel bag, with lots of room.  Inside, it has zipper on both size.  It took me about  about half day perhaps a bit more to complete this bag.  This pattern doesn’t require much cutting and ironing (I am very lazy at that) and easy finish for the bottom.

The top part of this bag is curved, which gives it a very modern look.

I highly recommend you try to pattern.




SewBoBo 縫寶寶
Facebook: ilovesewbobo



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