Q 小姐的貓貓多格袋 Cat print pattern bag with many layers

今次的定單充滿著挑戰 。


她的形容: 喜愛"貓貓,紫色,Sharp既色,lace, 多內外格。。。”

同Q小姐由傾談開始, 到設計, 到選布,所選的全都是她的心頭好。




This is an interesting and challenging order for a bag.  Miss QQ loves bag with many layers and pockets, and she’s a cat lover!  She wants a bag for her travel, with many layers so that she can organise her things easily.

This is her description about her dream bag: “I love cat printed fabrics, love purple color, sharp and vibrant color, like it with lace, many layers and pockets from inside and outside.”

I set off in drafting the layout and picking the fabrics.  She already has a cat printed fabric that she would like to use, so my job is to find other fabrics that goes well with it.

After much discussion with Miss QQ about pockets and layers, here it is the final output of the bag.

She love this bag and she is taking “cat bag” with her travel to Japan!

I am so glad to be able to make a dream bag for Miss QQ and I hope she has many joyful travels with the “cat bag”.





SewBoBo 縫寶寶
Facebook: ilovesewbobo
Email: sewbobo@hotmail.com


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