Porcelain Art with Atelier Blanche

參加了日本專業導師福士智佳子小姐的Porcelain Art 專業課程,繼餐巾拼貼後,日本引入一門實用兼觀賞性極高的手工藝 – Porcelain Art,把白瓷器和日本專用圖案紙的結合,讓平凡的白瓷用具添上無比的色彩。今日選做了白瓷盒。等二星期燒制就用得啦。第一次接觸白瓷拼貼, 感覺比餐巾拼貼更加實用。

Very lucky to be able to participate in Porcelain Art professional course taught by the Japanese professional instructor Miss 福士智佳子 Atelier Blanche today.    I have successfully made this Japanese Porcelain Découpé.   This new technique is very practical and unique.  Porcelain Art are using white porcelain and Japanese special pattern paper together, to make an ordinary white porcelain utensil an unique art work.

I am making this white box today, it will take two weeks for the baking process.  I cannot wait to see the final result.  It is highly practical too, as it can be used as functioning bowl safe for dishes.

IMG_1203IMG_1214IMG_1224 IMG_1208

Me and 福士智佳子小姐1381448_10152048195181584_2033035558_n

Here are more Porcelain Art.


Atelier Blanche: http://ameblo.jp/atelierblanche/


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