Lua Sleeping Sack


An from StraightGrain has released another digital pattern.  This time, not a dress, it’s a Lua Sleep Sack!!

I have many of my “first time” while making this sleeping sack, for the years I have been sewing, this is the first time I actually do piping, installing invisible zipper and making button holes.

The most challenging part for me is working on the curve with the pipe, I had to undo it few time to get the good result.  But this does give a beautiful unique look for the sleeping sack.  It’s totally worth the effort.

I made this for my little niece, Emma.  She’s now 19 months old (remember Emma for another An’s pattern Hanami Top?).  She doesn’t like close sack, so I have made a little alternation of the pattern by having the bottom open.

For materials, you will need:

  • Medium and lightweight fabrics
  • Batting
  • 1 Hidden Zipper
  • 2 Buttons

That it really.  This Sleep Sack is fairy easy to make, it took me about 2 hours to cut the fabrics and around 3 hours on the machine.  The result looks stunning.  I will be making another one for my friend.

If you are interested in this pattern, click on the picture below, with the code LUALAUNCH you get $1 discount.  The pattern is only 6 dollars, that means 5 dollars.   I highly recommend you give this pattern a try.

button slaapzak

IMG_4041 IMG_4044

IMG_4042 IMG_4043

Here is our Model Emma in action!!!

IMG_4127 IMG_4122

IMG_4133 IMG_4132

Here are some of the making of:

This is my first curvie piping experience….  The trick is, LOTS of pins…


Installing invisible zipper

IMG_3943  IMG_3946

Yes, this is my dog on the show (attention seeker)!!  He love to sit on anything I put on the floor.


Hope you enjoy this post as much as I did!!

tester tour button



  1. So smart to have an open-on-the-bottom version! My son still wears a sleeping bag and he is almost 3, but he awkwardly hops around in it. I’m afraid he’ll fall in it.

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