Wool Felt with Ter Ling Creation 羊毛濕毯袋

I have a little adventure last weekend with Terriea, learning how to wool felt a double flap (with inside pocket) shoulder bag.

I did made a wool felt bag year ago, so I came with little knowledge and experience.  But Terriea did gave me a really lecture on the tips and how to create your own wool felt bag with design and style.

Mogi the cat, was a good mentor to me.  She’s a little cutie who watch and supervise me with every step of the way.


Here are some of the making of, it took me about a good 6 hours to complete this bag, many many layer of rubbing and massaging.  The result is totally worth it.

IMG_5978 IMG_5979  IMG_5986   IMG_5977

Here are some of Terriea’s art work, she is a talent wool felt and eco print designer.  You can visit her blog to check out more of her work.


IMG_5971 IMG_5966

Isn’t this angel is a darling?  This is certainly my next project….

IMG_5969 IMG_5970


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