T-Shirt Makeover

I have this lovely shirt been sitting on my wardrobe for two years.  I love the color and the style of this shirt and seems a waste to throw it away.  However, this shirt is too big for me to wear.

While doing wardrobe makeover for winter, I decided to transform this shirt into a bag.

I love the way how the print comes out! Feeling I have been given the second life to this shirt.  Very satisfying and rewarding.

Here are the final result.  Very happy with it! no more sitting inside the wardrobe.

Before and After


 Inside and Out

IMG_0164 IMG_0167

IMG_0166 IMG_0165

Making Of

This is how I made it.  First I cut out the main pieces from the arms down.  Saving the arms and top part for the zipper and shoulder strips.


IMG_0090 IMG_0083 IMG_0079   IMG_0114 IMG_0116

Happy Sewing!

SewBoBo 縫寶寶
Facebook: ilovesewbobo


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