Embroidery Mirror – with Tutorial

This embroidery mirror is super easy to do.  It makes an excellent DIY gift.


First of all, draw your design on a piece of paper.  You can also pencil out the direction where the threads will go.  Then, trace your design on the embroidery cloth using washable pen.  Mount it tightly on the frame.  For my design, I begin by doing the flowers first, then branches, initial last.


Once the embroidery is done, lay down your mirror on top of the embroidery piece, trace a circle 5cm bigger than the mirror, cut out any access fabric.

We are now ready to assemble.  You have your embroidery piece right side down the table, put in a thin layer of stuffing, follow by a piece of rounded card board (same size of the mirror), then put in the mirror face upward.

Do a loose stitch around the edges of the circle and slowly tighten the thread.  Check the front to see to make sure the embroidery is aligning the centre.

Apply fabric glue to the inner edge, and decorated with ribbon.  Secure it with some clips to make sure everything is staying into place.  Let it sit and dry out a little bit and remove the clips.

It is important NOT to have the clip to stay very long, as it will leave a clip marks on the edges.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial.



SewBoBo 縫寶寶
Facebook: ilovesewbobo
Email: sewbobo@hotmail.com


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