Silver Cinema Bag from SewSweetness

I am so happy to test this Silver Ciema Bag for Sara from

This is a slighly modified version from Sara.  According to Sara’s instructions, this bag needs a 12″ metal purse frame.  Since I cannot get the 12″ frame anywhere in HK, I have to order from China.  But even so, the biggest I can get is 8″.  After a bit of research, I have found a way to revise the pattern that would work for any frame size.  I have used that method for drawing pattern for the frame top and follow the rest from Sara.  I have written some details how to do that below, so if anyone comes across the same issue, you can give it a try.

I am really pleased with the outcome, and this is my first attempt in making framed bag.  Overall, this is a fairly easy bag to make once you get a hand of fitting the frame.

IMG_9980IMG_9981        IMG_9982IMG_9984IMG_9985     IMG_9978

Here is a simple HOW to draw the pattern that would fit for all frames:

Have your frame layed down on the paper, draw an outline of the frame.   At each endpoint, add 1cm on either side, then draw a line back to the frame corner.  Use Sara’s pattern, follow on drawing the outline from the side and the rest of the body.  That is, simple as that.


Basting the front, lining and side pieces.


Sew around the body and place the exterior piece inside lining piece.


Top stitch the edges.


Turn it inside out.

Here comes to the nervious part, fitting the frame.  Lucky, it is perfect fit.

IMG_9934 IMG_9939

Since my frame already has holes for sewing, I didn’t use the glue method.  Loosely sew to secure the bag, and use your strong finger musle to backstitch with heavier weights thread.


I hope you enjoy this read!  Have fun.

You can purchase this pattern from Sara at

SewBoBo 縫寶寶
Facebook: ilovesewbobo


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