WildFlowers Embroidery 野菊花刺繡

It’s a long while I have done an embroidery piece.  This time, I have join a very experience embroidery teacher in doing this “WildFlowers”  There are two stitches she designed for this pattern, the altered “Pekineses stitch” for the flower and “Leaves stitch” for the leave.  The fabric is using Indian mix silk cotton cloth.  This golden woven cloth has its unique pattern, which make this simple simple pattern become extraordinary.  It’s simple and elegant.

有一段時間没有做過刺繡了.  今次, 我跟一位資深的老師學這個 “野菊花刺繡刺繡”, 其中有幾個刺繡針部是她自創的, 包括由Pekineses 針部演變而成的花花圈和葉既針部.  布就用上了印度的絲綢綿布. 金金地的布料加獨有的布紋, 令本身簡單的花樣變得不平凡.

IMG_7279  IMG_7245 IMG_7246IMG_7247 IMG_7249 IMG_7259

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