Work of Love for Little Delphis

給小Delphis的睡袋。布料是幫客人由美國訂的.  和日本布的風格很不一樣, 美國布的設計色彩豐富, 很適合做小朋友的物件.  我就比較美國布。

這是一歲的睡袋, 尾部是開口的, 讓愛自由的小朋有更多的空間.

This sleeping sack is for Little baby Delphis.  We specially order the fabric from US little fox fabric collection.  It very different from Japanese fabric, US fabric design tends to rich in color, very suitable for making kids clothing.   I love US Fabric.

This is a 1 year old size sleeping sack, with open ended design, allowing room for baby who would love a bit of freedom during their sleeps.


I accept work order, if you like anything from this blog or wish for a tailor item, please feel free to email me.


IMG_8396 IMG_8406 IMG_8400 IMG_8398


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